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how do i install this compilier

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Artie Ziff

New Member
dstich said:
if any one could tell me how to install this compilier and use it would be alot of help thanks http://www.voti.nl/jal/index.html

It's a DOS command line style compiler. If I remember correctly you just put JAL in one directory and add whatever options you want in the command line and run Jal.... I say 'remember' because I use Jalcc enviroment (free) makes life a little easier It's available here.... http://oase.uci.kun.nl/~mientki/PIC/JALcc/JALcc.htm There are other GUI's too (that is just the one I use). You can see what it looks like.

I suggest if you have any questions about programming in the language join the JAL yahoo group
People are ready to help the link is on this page (JALlist) http://www.piclist.com/techref/piclist/jal/index.htm
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