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How control a LED display from Philips CD or RAITE DVD playe

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I would like to use the housing of my defect Philips CD player (CDC250) or Raite DVD player (AvPhile 713-K) to make a PC based DVD/MP3/VCD/DIVX player. Everything goes fine I even use of the IR remote controller but now I would like to use the LED display of the Philips or Raite player. No type is mentioned on the display
The philips is a 29 pin controlled by a 47C820F3685 chip
The raite is a 38 pin controlled by a Nec D16311GC - 9933XM008 chip, I prefere the raite led because he has 9x a 8 symbol and different words like DVD, CD, play, pause, title etc... (image included) and ofcourse they fit nice in the housing

I'm a electronics newbie... is it possible to use this display's or should I better buy a know one ?

Thanks for any tips, links, etc...

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