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HiFi - Local Decoupling capacitor identification.

Count Yorga

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Hello, I have an Audiolab 8000s amplifier which could benefit from recapping. I'm capable of the physical process of removing the old capacitors and replacing them, however I lack sufficient knowledge to be able to distinguish between audio path capacitors and the local decoupling capacitors.

The power supply caps are obvious as they're bloody great big massive enormous 10,000uf 50v ones and I plan to use Mundorf MLytic caps.

The signal path I would love to use solid film types rather than electrolytic, and I lack the knowledge to determine which ones to use or even if these are available in the correct values, so I'll probably use Nichicon Fine Gold Muse caps.

When it comes to the local decoupling capacitors I don't possess the expertise to be able to distinguish between the signal path and decoupling capacitors, but I would ideally like to replace these with Elna Cerefine caps.

I'd really appreciate any advice and assistance with this.



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The first thing to do is to find a schematic for the amplifier. From that, you should be able to see what function all of the capacitors are serving.


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Service manual is here: https://elektrotanya.com/audiolab_8000s.pdf/download.html
I didn;t download it yet, but I've downloaded many manuals from here.

Usually metalized polyester is used in the signal path.. Unfortunately 1 uF electrolytics are often found there.

By pass caps are usually ceramic when it comes to digital logic, They respond to pulses well. These usually don't need replacing. Tantalum capacitors can be found around voltage regulators. These have a high capacitance density per unit volume. Overvoltage is an enemy. You can look up :capacitor plague" on wikipedia.
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