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Hi friends, I want to Design an Robotic Arm Help Me

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Dear Friends
I want to design a Robotic Arm with minimum cost please tell me which moters i can use and if any good design or links please tell me as soon as posible.



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Ive bin tinkering with a robotic arm i call RoboArm II for the past few months that you might want to have a look at.

Heres some pics :

It uses various DC motors. The base rotation motor is a 24 volt gearhead, the main arm lifting motors are two 12 volt gearheads, the "elbow" motor is a 12 volt which drives a series of spurgears via a rubber drive belt and the wrist rotation motor is 12 volt worm gear type.

The parts came from various sources mostly from junk parts i had laying around or from trades i made with other builders and some came from on-line surplus outlets, so it cost very little to build ( so far).
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