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Help with PICDEM 2+ DEMO

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hi !!!
i am new here , and hope that you guys can help with this.
i'm trying to simulate my college's lab in proteus with picdem 2+ demo board (pic18f452) they add 6 leds with switches.

i don't understand in proteus so much every step that i did was some sort of a guess
so excuse me on my ignorance.

experiment 1 :
is when you switch switch number 1 led1 and led2 should turn-off led3-on
if not led1 and led2 --on-- led3 --off-
i've maneged to assign my code (asm file) into the microchip but it doesn't work prefectly.

please tell which file you want me to upload...
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i managed to get the things work but not fully successful,
me and my teacher don't understand where is the problem, can someone please help me with it ?


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i checked the codes and it works fine in the lab , also in MPLAB 8.20 IDE with proteus 7.4 as debugger , but still something is there isn't sure the :
the leds start working with no instruction
LED3,LED4,LED5 (seems to get low voltage).
why RE0/RE1 when switch 2 is off are always sending pulses also happen when switch 2 is on RE2 is sending pulses.
i am attaching , 2 asm files and the DSN file of proteus.



Most people here don't use proteus it's too expensive a piece of software. If you're trying to show the schematic you'll have to take a screen shot and post the image.
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