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help with light activated relay ...

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on tony's light activated relay schematic is there any way to use it to power up some type of "appliance", eg a lamp, fan, etc, using this circuit. If so, what type and spec relay would i need, and would any adjustments need to be made to the schematic itself?
or does anyone have a circuit that can already do this?

any help appreciated.




If you intend to run the circuitry from a battery, no adjustment is necessary. Just wire the relay contacts into the active (hot) conductor of your appliance.

Your relay must be a type with a 6V DC coil, and the contacts must be rated to your mains voltage (110/120/230/240V - depending on where you live), and have a current carrying capacity of at least whatever your appliance draws.

If you want to do away with the battery, and supply the circuitry from the mains, use this modified schematic:

(NB, I have written 240V on the primary of the transformer, however, if you live in a 110V/120V area, obviously, you should use a 110V-6V transformer. The transformer need not be large, only 500mA approximately)



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i think that a very small 150mA transformer is enough. it is just a relay and some simple components. what do you think you need 500mA for.
depending on the relay you could do with 50mA!!!


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You should know that relays have two ratings. The sensing side should match the circuit (perhaps 6 volts DC @ 100 ma). The output side (the contacts) also have a rating which should match the appliance you are powering (perhaps 120 volts AC @ 2 amps). When selecting your relay, please consider BOTH ratings.
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