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help with counter


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Glad to help. First, show us what you have so far. Block diagram, partial schematic, etc.

What power sources do you have to power the circuit?

What type of display do you want - LED, LCD, jumbo, etc.?

Is this for indoor or outdoor use?



What is the rate of counting needed ? Frequency ?

Do you want the 0 - 999 counter to also count down, or just 0 - 999 ?

The 0 - 12 - 0, you need an enable and a end of sequence signal indicating its
finished with the 0 - 12 - 0 sequence ? Also need a signal which direction it is
going in ?

Codeless design ? If so what determines when counter mode goes from 0 - 999 to
0 - 12 - 0 ?

Counter stops at end of 0 - 12 - 0 sequence or repeats ? Same for 0 - 999...?

Do you need counter to drive a display with its value ? If so type of display, LED or LCD or....?

If counter in 0 - 999 mode, and not yet got to 999, and mode is changed to do 0 - 12 - 0 mode
what should happen to counter state ? Same in opposite mode ?

All HW or SW or both solution ?

Regards, Dana.
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