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Help with College electronics proj.

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Ok I am a newb in all this circuitry lingo so help me out. My prof. each gave us a cell phone in which he instructed us to be able to call the phone and be able to start a 7-12v motor. ( I know crazy project. ) well I removed the speaker and checked the output voltage with my multimeter and i'm only getting 00.6 mv from the speaker phone leads now my idea is to hook up a thyristor from the leads the spec. thyristor is model# 2N6400G just follow link

ON SEMICONDUCTOR|2N6400G|SCR Thyristor | Newark Canada

heres the pdf link on the specs: http://www.onsemi.com/pub_link/Collateral/2N6400-D.PDF

Is .6 mv's enough to open the gate to power the 9v battery I have connected on the anode or cathode ( which one I dont know. I have no clue how to hook up a thyristor in the first place.) My question is...is their an easier way to do this? Is a thyristor a good choice? I need the gate to open letting the 9v send constant current to the motor, Im running out of time on this project and I need major help!:confused: so pllllleeeeasse any suggestions? thoughts? Concerns? The specs on the thyristor is in pdf. form in the link I posted please help tell me what my minimum volts I need to open the gate! Thanks guys :eek:
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