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help when controling from pc

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hi everybody,, i could use some help here.
im only 14, i was in a special robotics class, but they closed it, i built my robot and everything , but i dont remember how to control it from pc.
i have the conection to paralel port, then i conect the first cable as positive, and the 24th as negative, i just conect the motors and when i send the code in binary, so it sends electricity and starts the motors, or led lights. the problem is that we used a software calles ws_logo or something like that, it is the one with a turttle has an icon. i need to get that software, so if anyone can tell me where to get it, or send it by mail i would be very thankfull. also i need somee tips and advaices for controling it and building it, because i need to finish it for my final project of high school.

my actual design is something like this:
in the bottom it is a triangle with 2 engines, and in front a rollerball.
then it has a body
with 2 engines, i per arm. and in the head it contains 2 leds. i need to controll all that from my pc
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