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help needed for using graphical lcd

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hello.. i have a damaged graphical calc..and its lcd is ok.. now i want to use its graphic lcd but i cant get find the datasheet anywhere,,, the only no. written is 9T883 ...and it has 16 pins..i have attached the image of the lcd ..can anyone help me with the pin config/datasheet ??? thnx



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Finding a datasheet for that LCD module is next to impossible. You might have more luck trying to find the datasheet for the LCD controller chip if it has a readable number on it. Plus you'll only have ONE and probably won't be able to get another for your second project after you've invested many weeks getting that one to work and more weeks building a software library for it.
If you want to get into GLCDs, then buy a couple of popular ones that already have code examples and datasheets available. Some examples of those are the LCD1030 and the Nokia 7110.
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