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Help me about led matrix

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hi ! I make a project about dot matrix .. but there are some problem ...please show me how to fix it thanks.......
My dot matrix ‘s size 16x 64 including 2 colors (red, green) . common anot this is block circuit and the font

describle my program that I use Keilc I use mcu at89c52//

sbit sda = p1^0 ; // pin p1.0 supply data for ic 74hc595
sbit sck = p1^1 ; // pin p1. clock pulse to shift the bits into 74hc595
sbit lat = p1^2; // pin p1.2 anable data go out the pins of ic 74hc595

the data for display "
unisigned char code display [] = { 0xff,0xff,0xff,0xff, 0xff,0xff,0xff,0xff,0xff,0xff,0xff,0xff, 0xff,0xff,0xff,0xff// the empty character
0,68,56,0,56,66,198,198,254,254,198,198,198,0,0,0 // Ă character

//serial data converting to paralle data
void seri2par (unsigned char data_out)
{ int temph;
temph = data_out ; // save data_out to variable temph
for(int i =0 ;i<=7 ;i++) // the loop to put byte of data into 74hc595
temph = temph&0x80 ; take the first bit of a byte of data.
if(temph =0x80)

sda =1 ; // put the bit 1 into 74hc595
sda =0 ; // put the bit 0 into the 74hc595

sck =0;
sck =1 ; // make a pulse to help the bit 1 or 0 go into 74hc595

data_out * = 2; // to shift the next bit of a byte of data_out

void main () // {
int j,m

while (1)
{ for (m=0;m <=15;m++) // sweep 16 rows

for (int k =0 ;k <=15++) // the loop to load data for 16 led matrixs
{ seri2par(display[n+8]); //

latch =1 ; // anable the data out from the 74hc595
ontransistor(m) // on transistor to supply power to the led matrix.
delay(300); // delay to watch the character show..

and I wrote delay(), ontransistor() funtion but they are not showned here….
But there is a problem….with this code….the character move on the dot matrix too quickly,, and not nomal that’s mean I shift 1 byte to make the effect on dot matrix…. The recorrecting has to be done to shift each bit of byte.. so I am not sure about It…
Can you show me how to repair my code to fix this program…

Thanks so much ! I hope you soon help me.. thanks again….


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