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Help.... Im a newbie BIG TIME

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New Member
ok... where do i start... I Need to know how to connect NPN and PNP Transistors to my project's... Right now im trying to charge a 330v/120uf Capacitor... I Know its possiable but i dont know how...
power supply: 9v dc (6 aa Battries)
parts avaiable:
2 10/100 turn transformers
4 NPN Transistors
4 PNP Transistors
9 LED's
1 Numerical LED Display (looks like the number 8 when all lights are on)
1 9v 2 way relay
vaiable capacitor and resistor
resistors ranging from < 1k to 440k
quad NAND IC
dual flip-flop IC
5 diodes
about 16 capacitors of varying size and voltage... 3 - 25V
1 A/B Switch
1 Push button
and ALOT


New Member
I guess I don't really understand what you want to do. It sounds like the capacitor is the end result of a project. Could you be a little more specific?


New Member
well, if you want to charge the capacitor it is a not so good but still working way.
but i will first say that the energy stored in the capasitor at 330V is
W=C*U*U=13J wich is more then enough to KILL you if you discharge the capacitor trough you.
what you could do is connect the capacitor in sreies with a diode and connect this to on transormer to the 100 turn part. the primary of the transofrmer connect it and disconnect it many times to the battery.
this way you have some sort if ac.
but it will not charge the cap tu 330V, maybe something arounf 100V
you can also build an oscilator to generate a.c.
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