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Help Identifying this Diode


New Member
Need help with identifying this component. So far, I have it identified as a diode based on they symbol of the PCB.
This circuit board is the main board for a DC powered gate opener.
This is the only part that seems to be damaged. Anyone with experience or guidelines on how to identify a replacement?

Nigel Goodwin

Super Moderator
Most Helpful Member
Thank you so much. I know exactly why it failed. Lightning strike. Long story.
Is that all that's been killed though? - I've attempted a LOT of lightning repairs over the decades - and generally there's a long list of blown parts that you end up replacing one by one - and even then it often doesn't end well :D I think my record was probably 30 odd parts on a CRT TV, and then finding out the CRT was damaged as well :(

However, you've found at least one faulty part - so you 'may' be lucky, and if not you're on your way to try and locate the next.


New Member
Is that all that's been killed though?
You are right. There may be more stuff broken than just repairing this component. I'm rolling the dice that maybe Zeus was nice to me, but I'm not counting on it. However, I have to try before spending $450 to $500 for a board replacement.

Wish me luck.

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