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hard to find

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This probably is not the right place to post or even dare ask. What I need is to find/hire someone that can interface electronics and develop a GUI for a project I have. It seems everybody can do this, but I've had too many empty promises, and lost money hiring programmers/electronic engineer.
Now I'm left with a very limited budget for this particular project I have in mind, but I still need to find someone who can do this remotely. Where you are from doesn't matter. I mostly need programming, either in C++ visual basic or whatever, as long as a GUI can be made to look professional.



Ok thanks for the reply.

What I need is a webcam, a laser, and a GUI.
The webcam can be bought, along with the laser, but to make everything work together is a challenge.
What I want to do, is to follow the laser dot, and display it's position, X-Y,on the computer screen.
The wall that we are projecting the dot on, is mostly flat but has some irregularaties, but is perpendicular when you look at it.

Now the laser is mounted on the furthest tip of a hydraulic arm just like you holding a pen laser in your hand, that the operator moves with a joystick. He lines up the dot with the one in the GUI, without looking at the wall.
Of course, he must be able to edit the GUI, to accept different patterns, such as triangles or rectantangles, of different sizes. I can then outline the 3 or four corner points on either, with relative accuracy.
Just think about drawing the triangles three points with a hydraulic arm.
All mechanical parts are already made, including the hydraulics and the machine it is on.
If possible, please email me so I can hire you or whatever.
This project is open to anyone who can help, but if I pay someone, then it must be kept confidential.

Thanks for your time.
Also I have other projects needing attention.
Sounds like an interesting project. I'm sure there are lots of people that could make the GUI with Visual Studio, but how could they do it remotely? I think they would need to be there to test the interface between the computer and the joystick and hydraulic arm.


New Member
That sounds like something I can help you with. I have a lot experience in similar applications, including doing a lot of the work remotely. I sent you a message directly, which you should receive soon.


Charlie Weisel
Product Development Consultant


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I can vouch for Charlie. He did the GUI on an image processing app for us.
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