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Hack a craftmatic bed remote

Well, I couldn't resist. I found, for free, an intact craftmatic bed. It's got two actuators, all the mounting hardware, the vibrator and control board. All pass a cursory physical look so I'm guessing they work. It did not come with a remote.

I'd like to see if I can make a remote for it so I can use it for a different project. I have found the remote is 433 MHz and I assume there is some kind of pulse count to make it work. There'd have to be some kind of ID intelligence found inside that stream. This may never happen but I'd like to try to get the remote function working. If not I think I can control it manually but I'm out to learn something.

My thoughts are running using PIC Basic or Python. PIC Basic is more familiar to me but ifn I can get Pi to work I could use bluetooth from phone as controller.

This project is in it's infancy so if you've got any ideas let 'er rip.


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Do I understand that it is controllable by a remote, but you don't have the remote. To be clear, it has remote capabilities - right? That is why you think it is 433 MHz.

If it definitely already remote capable, I would look for a remote first - there is a ton of stuff like this (not saying that would work) but you get the idea.

Beyond that, about all I could say that might help is that I have used those dinky 433 tx/rx modules to control 433 outlets many times. Using Arduino software that folks have written to decode the signal and then spit it back. The thing is, I have the remote to look at the signal, you don't.

Here are some links from my bookmarks that might help a bit.

You might be able to find the codes or the standards or something like that - I was amazed at how much discovery has been done.

Good Luck
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Thanks. It's interesting as this one says 433Mhz. I think you are correct though because the age of the documents shows yours from 2010 and this link from 2016. The box I have says made in 2003. It wouldn't surprise me if it changed. The control unit has no outside or inside markings indicating frequency..

I guess it could be either which makes it even less easy to accomplish.

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