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GSM Nosie

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i want to make a Singal to increase the noise in GSM signal and make the mobile phone is not cooneted......

How can i make that?
I'm sorry! You want to do what?! :shock:

From what I understand you want to transmit on the GSM frequency and place noise on it!!! This is illegal and really out of the scope of a hobbyist! It would require some very sophisticated digital technology!

Maybe I have missed the point, but why do you want to add noise to it anyway?!


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here's a great way to jam a mobile:

1. bend over
2. insert into rectal cavity.
3. look stunned

But seriously, I don't think its possible without lots of sophisticated equipment... maybe you could make a high voltage discharge device -- that seems to **** up mobiles a bit.


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There is already a device used ( mostly in the Mosque & church ) that blocked GSM signals but these are used with a permission from the authority not just by anyone .


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there used to be a covert surveillance shop around here that sold "illegal" things like this...until they got shut down :lol: :lol:

cost about £200
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