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GPS and GSM Vehicle Tracking System

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we want to implement vehicle tracking system, by using the attached circuit. Can you please suggest is the circuit is correct with that specifications.

If i need to add please suggest. Thankyou.


Nigel Goodwin

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Assuming that's not the complete circuit?, then the main problem is the redundant MAX232 - the GPS and GSM modules almost certainly won't be RS232 +12/-12.

You 'may' require some level shifting though, depending on their requirements - you also don't show any power supply for the two modules, nor their switching arrangements.

dr pepper

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These days better vehicle trackers plug into the vehicles obd diagnostic port and communicate to the vehcile, then not only speed & position data can be reported, engine rpm, fuel level, any faults with the vehicle and a load of other stuff can be sent to, and it would only take a minute to plug in.
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