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Getting Parts

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hey all, I am just getting started in circuits and am hoping to build up a supply of parts and accesories. I was wondering if anybody knew of good companies who maybe sell grab bags or something similar so i could get a wide assortment of parts (resistors, caps, SSR's, LEDs, transistors, etc.) for a good price. I am looking to get a little bit of everything to get started.



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When i first got started, i bought from these:

jameco.com --- lots of grab-bags and kits
digikey.com --- sells lots of assortments
futurlec.com --- sells some grab-bags and such but service and parts arent as good, would advise not to deal with.
ebay.com --- people often sells large assortments of electronic components, search for "electronic components" and such.

also, i got a bunch of "hand-me-downs" from a VERY awesome and helpful member of these forums.

hope this helps

ivan c.


Don't forget the Electronic Goldmine. They have a pretty good "Surprise Box", get the small one for about $3.00. Lots of little components.


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iv used both mouser and jameco. Mouser is great and they have lots of good stuff, especialy for higher quantitys. jameco is more exspensive, but thy do have hard to find items, and some stuff is cheap, as well as their IC'S and transistors.
However... my favorite is www.ALLELECTRONICS.com the only bad thing about them is their shipping price. its a set 6 dollars, so if all u need is a pack of resistors, itl cost you 6 dolalrs, plus like 10 cents.. the good thing is if shipping is over 6 dollars, if u buy enormous quantities, you make out very good, so u pay 6 dolalrs insteread of 25 dolalrs for shipping.

they have lots of cool stuff and reletively cheap too, and they have cool already made items and kits, as they specialize in surplus.
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