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''Furnas air compressor'' question

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I just bought a old little ''furnas'' air compressor that has a electrical box thing on it that say ''MAX POWER 1Hp 110 - 220V'' so i connected the wires to a power cable and plugged it in for about 2 seconds and it was really loud and smelled like it was burning. i could also see sparks. i'm wondering if all small compressors are loud and if the smell was burning dust. but i don't get why it was sparking.


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What voltage did you plug it into?

A: yes most compressors are loud.
A: if the compressor was covered in dust, it may burn, they get hot.

Maybe it was malfunctioning so they decided to sell it.


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Was the Air Compressor throwing sparks or was the Electric Motor throwing sparks? If the motor was could be burnt windings bad brushes. If motor was then could be alot wrong.

Depends where the sparks are coming from exactly and make sure what the wiring is set up for 110 or 240 before plugin it in. If wired for 110 and pluged into 240 could burn the motor up real fast. It should have a diagram on the motor to see what wires are to be hooked up for a certain voltage.
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