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Experienced Electrical Engineers ( Practical )

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Is there any experienced or fairly experienced Electrical Engineer out there, who would be willing to help an undergrad student, for approximately 1-2hrs, might be more or less really with an Engineering project.

If anybody is willing to help, kindly pm me please.


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Why not just post your questions to the boards so we can all be helped by the answers?


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I would but only in person. Online is a pain in the ass and I want to see what they make. That rules out most of the world.


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For electrical things, as in power from the mains supply and things that connect to it, you need to ask for engineers in your own country as the rules and regulations differ so much.

I am qualified for UK electrical design but would not want to comment on anything but engineering principals in other countries. Electrical systems are usually take a bit more serioulsy than electronics as they can cause death, endanger others, fires and so can come with legal liabilities.
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I will answer anything I can! :)
Just try and come find me if it dont work out! I guarantee the effort it will take is worth more than you can ever get out of me any way!:p

Online advise is liability free! If your dumb enough to take bad advice you got what you paid for!;)
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