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energy saving

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Hi All,
Can anyone help ??
I want to run a 220 VAC energy saver lamp from 12 VDC ,
can I rewire the exisiting lamp circuit or can I make a new circuit board to fit the present holder.I'am also looking for a simple circuit to light a 40 Watt flouresent light from 12 VDC.The circuits I find on the net all require a special transformer , which I am having problems with.


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You need a special transformer...that's what the circuit board uses to step up 12VDC to 220VAC required by the bulb. Rewiring won't really do anything either since it's the physics of the lightbulb dictates how the entire lamp must work.

What problem are you having with the transformer?

Or you could buy a 12VDC-to-220VAC inverter, like those found to let you run appliances from a car. THere are big fancy ones, or small hobby ones:
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