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DSP Radio

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I need to design a DSP radio for my second semester project,I've taken a light DSP module that deals with various signal processing techniques including digital filters and analogue filters,I know how FM works as an electronic system,just don't have the slightest clue how that could be implemented in a dsp kit,any tips and pointers?


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Si Labs has many different radios. They are different only in software. The hardware is the same. What is happening inside can not be published.
It is good to read about these parts but this is a very big project. FM stereo with SCA.

Start with a simple FM (mono) demodulator and get that working first.
A simple AM to audio.

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yes, just it would help appreciate in few concepts and and code modalities. Being a project executor, i do agree, that he has a mojor job at his hand.

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