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Driving Transformer

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Hi, I've got a 555 setup to spit out 59.6Hz at a 50% duty cycle. It drives the gate of a power mosfet, so it creates pulsed DC in an attempt to mimic AC. It works pretty well on small scales, but there are a bit more losses then usual. But when I try to drive something big, like a microwave oven transformer, the losses are quite high, and I can't draw the current and voltage I should be able to. Does anyone have any ideas on making the square wave that the MOSFET spits out into something a tad more transformer-friendly? I tried putting a 680uF capacitor in parallel in an attempt to turn it into a triangle wave atleast, but now luck. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Well how inefficient it really is? Can you present some numbers?
Btw. Microwave can be quite power hungry. At least my has some 1600Watt *output* power and it probably draws double of that from
the outlet. If we agree on let's say 2400Watt power consumption, that
would be some 200Amp when powered from 12V source (and thats
in case of 0% losses in conversion 12VDC->120VAC). Are you still
sure your battery, MOSFET and transformer are up to the task?
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