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Don't know where I stand!

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I am a student and I am now working on a project and have disided to go all the way for my level. I have been told 300 times now that the projects I want to do are degree level and I should stand back.
I have learned all about stamps, nuts, pwb, and so on, I only understand what they are used for and have no idea how to use them.
OK down to what I need to know> I need to know what I have to do to build from scratch a step or servo motor controller that can control the position the shaft is in, not only that but I need to control the direction the shaft turns in. I understand that this is relitivly simple matter, the interface is the tricy part. I was trying to use a keypad with a an 8 bit bus to typ in the andgel but quickly relised that creating the keypad itself would be a project. I was also told I could use and operational aplifier how ever that seems to simplistic.
What I hope to achieve. I hope to beable to control a (dc)servo or (dc)step motor shafts position and direction of turning. I wish to make this automated so it would repeat the same movement over and over again.

If any one can, could they please direct me to a web-page with scamatic diagrames of such a controller. I also relise that I may need to use a stamp to create this controller.
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