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Do any of you remeber the old Science Fair P-Box kits?

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Nope Bill, but I do 'remember' my first X-in-1 kit I got as a kid.....can't remember who produced it, but having to personally insert the numerous connector strips into the underside of the breadboard section of the kit, as a 7 year old, was rather tedious.....and counter-productive when the kit was supposedly marketed as a 'ready to use' product.

Quite obviously manufactured in pre slave-labour times...


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I had some of those kits back when I was a kid (mid 70's). My soldering was not so good back then, I think I melted more of the plastic than solder :) I remember soldering to the parts and they would melt through the plastic perf board.

One of the kits I had was the 28-108.
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I started off with a Science Fair 75 in 1 kit from Tandy in the UK (mid 1970s !!!)

They were the ones with jumper wires and spring contacts.

Ironic really as I spent many years working for Tandy in the late 80's and early 90's.
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