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Disable Bluetooth, Sennheiser Momentum 2 AEBT


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Thanks in advance for any help you can provide, I appreciate it. I've got a Bluetooth hacker somewhere in my neighborhood and he's messing with several people's headphones. I picked up a pair of used Sennheiser Momentum 2 AEBT's cheap and thought I'd experiment on them, disable bluetooth and use them wired. I chose these because they'll do ANC even when they're wired.

I found the SOC and took a picture of the board. The chip is a CSR86-70CG K640-AA. The white markings on the board itself read SI SL-M E234156 94V-0. I'm hoping I can just snip a wire and I'd wanted to ask if anyone out there can identify those connections for me.

Using the picture as your reference, the left side wires read (top to bottom) MG, FFR, SRP, SRN, LIR, LIRG, LIL, LILG, PD.

The wires at the top read (left to right) BP, BN, NTC, NFC, MG, TKL, FFL, FBL, SLN, SLP, FBR.

Thanks again guys.



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At the right-hand side of the circuit board in that picture there is a slot with a zig-zag track to the right a big gold area to the left.

I'd put a couple of layers of thin double-sided adhesive tape to cover that section on both sides and around the edge at the right, then cut a piece of aluminium foil so it can fold over the edge and just across the gold area on both sides.

The zig zag bit is the bluetooth antenna; sticking metal foil close to it and the large gold ground area should make it "deaf" so the bluetooth range is zero, or close to that, without making any irreversible changes or damaging the headphones.

Just make sure the piece of foil only goes against the tape and does not overlap to short anything on the circuit board.

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