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DF Player Mini - Command Format


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I want to repeatedly play some selected tracks using DF player mini with PIC micro. Below commands worked, the only problem is I can play 1st and 2nd track only. The 3rd track never plays. Not sure about checksum.

Any help?

7E FF 06 08 00 00 01 FE F2 EF ;Repeatedly play the 1st track
7E FF 06 08 00 00 02 FE F2 EF ;Repeatedly play the 2nd track
7E FF 06 08 00 00 03 FE F0 EF Repeatedly play the 3rd track (Not working)

I have saved mp3 s like this


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The obvious difference is the F0 instead of F2 in the third row.
Looking at the data sheet, the FE F2 part is a checksum for everything following the 7E start byte.
(Added together in a 16 bit variable then negated & sent as two bytes).

It should be different on every line; FE F1 on the second, from what I can see?
Is it really that line that's not working & it's playing the first and third tracks??

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