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Designing circuit/please i need ahlep

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Abeer baninimra

New Member
Hi :):),
I am new member in your perceptive forum and this is the first participation
I hope to help me
I have ahome work , i can not solve it ,and the dead line of delivery
will be Tomorrow i feel that i have aproblem...!!!

1)design regulator circuit
Vi=15-20 v
Vo=12 v
Il=0-10 mA
2)Design suitabl rectifier to feed it from 220v/50 Hz
3)build it

I’ll be grateful for you if you could help me with suitable solution and model
thanx too much


Whilst we enjoy helping people; in order to help you we need to know how far you've progressed. Please post what you've already done, including any ideas you've had. If you need help that your lecturer should have provided, please tell us (and your lecturer) what you found was lacking. It is not right if you manage to attain a high grade from the help we have provided if your lecturer is negligent; it will make them appear to be better than they really are and put you at an unfair advantage to your classmates.

It also would help us to know more about your education, geographical location and experience with the English language.

Abeer baninimra

New Member
thanx Hero
i am astudent , i syudy industrial engineering in al-najah university in Palestine
i have electonic cource from electricity department and i need to be Confirmed about my solution just
if you didn't help me ,i will tell you just thank you
i am sorry for disturbance that i occur
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Abeer - look up "LM7812" on the internet. This is a simple 3-terminal device that just needs a couple of capacitors to get it working, and operates in that supply range. It will give you a fixed +12V output.

You are going to need a step-down transformer to operate it off of 220Vac. A 12.6V teansformer will work in the read world, but for homework you may want to use a 15V transformer.
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Hi guYz.... i'll be a 5th year electrical engineering student this coming school year (philippines), as being a graduating student, a thesis is required, can someone throw an idea to what can i do or w0rk with..? im looking for a circuit that can save a lot of energy due to high electricity bill in our country.. Thankz..
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