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DC Color Organ

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I would like to build a working 12V direct current color organ. I have started a project at school that uses a lm386 to amplify the imput from a mic. It then uses 3 351's along with resistors and caps to filter the sound into 3 ranges, low, mid, and high.

So far... it does not work, I'v looked my wireing over many times and have some experiance with electonics. Because the circut is printed out in a book we have at school, I do not have the schmatic availible to post here, and have not been able to find any other direct current powered color organ. I have been told that color organs operate on alternating current and would not work on direct current. Is this true?

I had hopes of installing the color organ in my vehicle to add some cool light effects.

Are there any other circuts that would add some kind of neet light show to the vehicle? I do not have the ability/patience to work with a pic yet


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This is a link to several. Note about the sixth one down (Color Organ For Car) as that should get you going. These things are generally all the same design with a few changes and variations. Hope the link helps.

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