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I have a small shelf stereo and I want to hook up 6 speakers to it. The stereo only has 2 outputs. Not a problem. 4 of the speakers are 8 ohms and 2 are 4 ohms. What I want is 3 speakers to each channel, one for highs, one for mids, and one for bass.

What I want is a three-channel 6db/Octave crossover (parallel)

As you know, you hook an inductor in series with the sub to only pass the lows, an inductor and capacitor in series with the midrange to get mids, and a capacitor in series with the tweeter to get pass only highs.

I want to pass 300 hz and below to the subs, 4000 hz and up to the tweeters, and anywhere inbetween 300-4000hz for the mids.

What I want to know is the values of the inductors and caps.

Labeling as such;

L1=inductor size on subs
L2=inductor size on mid
C1=cap size on mid
C2=cap size on tweeters.

I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.


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Have a look at...


THEN follow the link for Project 82...... A great little test box to take the hard work out of the calculations.

and an active crossover project at....


Then the calculator at.....


then the practical design at..........


There are enough formulae to allow you to use Excel/Symphony etc to design your own calculator if you wish.

Good Luck & have FUN



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hey man, thanks for those sites. Project done. :) :) :)
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