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Creative A520 subwoofer bass controller


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I have managed to remove the bass controller knob. Noticed there was a nut holding it in place. Proceeded to unscrew the nut and then with the help of a spudger, slightly moved the potentiometer away from its position and was able to note its value. It stated B50K which I believe is a linear pot with 50K ohms.

Now coming to the next set of actions, I feel that the pot's legs cannot be cut off as there is hardly any space (for a cutter to enter) between the pot and the pcb it is soldered on. Hence I think the only way might be to desolder the existing pot. Meanwhile, I have got a 47k pot which I am thinking of replacing the existing one with. Now my queries:

1) I noticed that the soldered part of the existing pot's legs seem to be laminated with the remaining board (kind of a smooth surface) unlike a regular soldering connection. Would there be any harm to the board or neighbouring components (I can see an SMD resisitor close to it) by desoldering the legs (planning to use a desolder wick)?

2) The pot I have got is similar to the one with wide legs with loops in the given link (https://potentiallabs.com/cart/buy-47k-rotary-potentiometer-online-india?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9uGkkobu4wIVRwwrCh1mwwgoEAYYAiABEgIzNvD_BwE). Hence it would not be able to pass through the hole on the pcb. I was thinking of stripping a 22 SWG wire, attaching it to the holes and then passing it through the holes on the PCB and soldering it on the other side. Would this be a sensible approach? Let me know if not?




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Since the bass level control is used only one time to set it so the bass sounds good, then why not use a little preset trimmer pot?
On my stereos I usually never touch the tone controls again after setting them to sound good.

If you wire in a pot then the wires should be very short so that they do not pickup interference.

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