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corroded SDRAM contacts

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I have a 128 MD SDRAM module (PC133) One of the edge contacts on the module has a bad corrosion on it. Its turned green and rough. The module is still working. I dont want to toss it in the bin. At the same time I do not want to put it into my PC as the corrosion may spread to the memory contact in my PC.
Question: How do I remove the corrosion ? are there any chemical that can be used ? Isopropyl does not work. I tried it.


Clean it with an ink pen rubber......Old computor maintenance trick :lol:


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the green stuff it is probably copper oxide and it is not that easy to clean and it is toxic too. try, but i dont know if it will work, with cleanink powder and a towl moisted in water, but be careful not to get water all over it. i dont think that it will work but it is very possible.


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If that doesn't work try putting some drops of lemon juice mixed with slight detergent washing powder. Let the mixture be in solid form only. Now rub the powder on contacts. I am sure it will remove the green stuff.
We use this method to clean copper utensils when they turn green. Make sure, lemon juice does not fall parts of PCB.
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