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Correct orientation of a power factor chip (L6561)?

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How can I tell what is the correct orientation of a L6561 power factor chip? Please see the following pictures:

In the first picture the destroyed L6561 can be seen, however, since it burned I cannot see any labelling on it, even under a microscope. I have a new replacement L6561, but what is the correct orientation?

The circuit diagram for the circuit can be found here: https://www.scribd.com/doc/207782153/Dell-2407-WFP-Power-Supply-Rev-A11-Schematic-Diagram

I've tried to look at this diagram but sadly I can't figure out what the orientation should be.

This is a problem I encountered as part of repairing the power supply for an LCD, the original thread is here:

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sometimes the top of the chip will have an indicator such as a dot or a tab,

since you have schematic another thing you can do here is trace which node leads to transistor Q654, that will tell you where pin 8 is, and the rest will fall in to play


From the pcb silk screen markings in the 2nd picture (with the chip removed ) pin 1 is bottom right. the marking on the new chip, either a small dot or a small indentation in the case will indicate pin 1.
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