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Conveyor belt project - proximity sensor


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Hello, first time posting here
I'm looking to do a project for my 2nd yr exams and its a conveyor belt system that detects different size boxes as they pass by on the belt
Depending on the size of the box which is to be determined by a sensor, it will activate a solenoid to a pneumatic cylinder to push the box off the conveyor into a collection box
I need to find a sensor that works on a light beam breaking when the boxes of various sizes pass through

the sensors will be mounted on a bracket off the side of the conveyor

I'll be using this site

If anyone could help thanks


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You would need a retro-reflective sensor, there are a few manuf. Omron is one.
This just requires the sensor on one side and a circular disc reflector on the opposite side.


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Welcome to ETO!
Depending how you define 'size', unless the boxes all have the same shape and orientation you may need more than one sensor.

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