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What is your final goal?

I have thought about your idea before and i came to the conclusion that it would be useless.
Considering you could connect them with an interface that could connect their pci busses, you still would only have about 66MHz of bandwidth. That is really useless to try to share processing power, letalone the addressing problems you would have.
Now if you just wanted two systems to communicate you could use the serial or parallel ports, but then that would be just 2 computers in a box?

...So you see why i came to the conclusion that it wasnt worth the time. I am interested in hearing your ideas though.


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If you use the AGP port to do this, you get lots of bandwidth, but how will you plug in the video card(all the motherboards I have heard of have only one AGP port)?
Use a multiCPU motherboard instead.
It is a lot easier to set up than distributed computing.
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