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Hello Group. I'm just starting to dabble in Electronics at my ripe young age of 66 yrs. Ham & CB Radio operator for 40 yrs. Just need best location purchase the correct Illuminated rocker switches for my Pyramid Power supplies. The wording on the switch is Canal (M) B series. 10amp 250vac & 15amp 125vac. also need the correct POT for the voltage control as it is very erratic?? The pot says C5K on it? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Bernie Trudeau


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The switches they use appear to be this general style:

However there are many variations in the size of cutout; you need to measure that to be sure of getting a switch that's an exact fit in the existing hole.

The pot appears to be a 5K reverse logarithmic, if the "C" indicates the curve.
A standard 5K linear one should work OK, just with a different rate of adjustment over its travel.

Again, the physical sizes of the mounting hole, spindle and pot body are important, to fit the same panel and if needed a circuit board at the back? If it is on flying leads, just the spindle diameter/length and mounting hole size.


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