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clap ciruit.....

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some time ago i built a clapping circuit for turning on and off a relay..
i built i from a book, it used a 4011 a few resistors some trransistors for driving the relay, and few components..
it used a electret mic and it worked fine, :p exept :? it had the range of .......less then half a meter..so i coulndt use it for many things....
so i tried to imroove it and ended up with a touch activated switch....
and this is how it is now....
but i want to build one with a bigger range, it should work in a small room
actuly i only need it to send a pulse when the clap is detected, and the pulse will go to some driving circuits....
now the problem, there is no problem till now....i wnad it to respond at a double clap, because i know tha the ones that respond to single clap can be easily tricked.....
so maybe some ideas? :?:
anyone got any circs that can do that?


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clap switch

On the site i have made on geocities you will
see i have used a 4040 IC. It is designed for a single
clap. You must not be to far away to activate a lamp or
something else.

I know from 6 people who have made a design of a book.
This is a clap-switch where you have to clap TWICE.
This design comes from:
Halfgeleidergids 2001
And the publicer is: Elektuur
It is sad because all 6 printboards did not work.

The site of Elektuurs free download page is: (gratis downloads)
I have searched all 2001 previews of magazines but there
was not a design klapschakelaar (clap-switch)
This design must be publiced in a special book.
It is publised on two or three pages, i have only
the first page.

I don't know if you can order this book, but it is maybe
beter if you ask someone in a Dutch newsgroup.
I use Xnews program for reading newsgroups.
Ask a question in alt.nl.gelicenceerd.amateur
(i don't know the exact name of the group).
This is a group of licenced radioamateurs. I have
asked some and always get an answer.

I you have made a good clap-switch, claping twice i would
like to hear from you.

Greetings. :wink:


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Re: clap switch

well,this is the first time i post something her, so i wish i make it right!

i would like to ask you for the diagram for tha clap switch i really appreciate it ,or if you can tell me where to find it ,thanks in advanced.
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