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clap circuit doubts please help me out

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hello friends,
m working on a clap switch and m not a pro in this field.
i have problem in connecting relay and transformer in my circuit .
m not using ICs in my circuit.
please let me know where i should connect transformer and relay.
please help me out.....
if possible kindly mail me [email protected]

waiting for reply thanku in advance....:)


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You didn't give enough information for anybody to help you.
What is the input from? A microphone?
Then where is the schematic of your mic preamp and its power supply?

There are many Clap Switch circuits on the internet. They all use a counter IC to count the number of claps.
Does your teacher want you to make a counter IC with many transistors?

Why do you have a transformer?
What drives and powers the relay?
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