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fence charger

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my 84yro dad is repairing his fence charger, again.
we are looking for a wiring diagram or schematic.
it is an old Sears 43677730 S/n 2658230R-71

what he really needs is the transistor, he suspects it is the clock or pulse monitor.
X13P505 very plainly written on the 3 leg trans.
if someone knows where to get one of these or even a diagram, direct replacement, anything would help.

and thank you in advance.


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It is a house numbered transistor. Only people that know what it is is the semiconductor manufacterer, and the people who built the charger (they didn't want the buyer or other third parties to ever know).

The only way to fix it is to reverse engineer it and draw out your own schematic. Frequently more trouble that it is worth!


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Welcome to ETO.
Fence chargers, especially old ones, have fairly primitive circuits in general. Can you reverse-engineer it and post the schematic? If so, we may be able to suggest a suitable replacement transistor.
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