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Car battery charger

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Can anyone pls supply me with pdf of article for car battery charger found in Electronics Today International, year 1973, month November, page 64. I lost the magazine in question. Thanks


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Why do you want to use a circuit that is 45 years old?
I would think there are modern designs that are better.
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That car battrry charger has been working ever since without any fault. The circuit is very simple yet highly efficient. I have charged totally dead batteries and i wouldnt change it for another car battery chatger. It is very important for me to find the said article. If i am so unfortunate i would apprrciate if you send ma a good circuit for a car battery charger which i can build cause i need one urgently. Tks for your kind interest.

Les Jones

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If you trace out the schematic of your faulty charger and post it here there is a good chance that we can help you fix the fault.



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Tks for all your help and interest.
Tks for tbr circuit also.
The most important issue of my charger is that it uses pulse width modulated voltage to trickle charge the battery when fully charged. A very important feature.
I ll start testing transistors, diodes triac to begin with.. See you guys. Tks


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Here's an efficient PWM switcher battery charging circuit that may be of interest to you.


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A very good charging circuit although a little bit complicated.
Perhaps, but I doubt you will find anything significantly simpler that does a 3-step lead-acid battery charge using PWM.
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You are right. Problem is i need one now. That's why i'm trying to fix mine. Or else i have to buy one. Maybe if i find the appropriate circuit i'll build another one. At the moment i'm trying to service mine without a schematic. Thanks for everything.
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It is electronics today international, magazine. Unfortunately i need November 1973 edition, which is missing from the list.
Tks just the same. I appreciate.
Electronics Today International was a Canadian hobbyist publication, and won't be on that list. I had those issues from December 1979 to March 1985, gone since October 2015. None of my issues had PWM circuits in them, just simple elementary circuits.

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