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capacitor bank

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I am trying to make a capacitor bank for a coilgun project. currently i have 5 450v 3500mfd capacitors. I want the ability to selective use each capacitor.

what i envision is an enclosure with a discharge switch that lights an led as it discharges. 5 buttons (one for each capacitor) that engages it.

and lastly a safety switch the energizes the terminals (a safety feature)

my overall concerns for this project is the switches. I'm not keen on how to use the switch with a capacitor terminal, i naturally don't think it would be a good idea to run the negative line of each capacitor through a switch as that current is potentially in the switch. but i'm not sure of any other way.


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Take a stab at a schematic diagram, and post it. I cant figure out what you are trying to do from your verbal description.


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Thanks for replying. Here is my rough schematic .. i don't have a program to create this in (if you have a free one you can suggest that would be great!)

I will kind of guide you through this disaster!

starting on the far left. There is two connections for my high voltage power supply, positive on top and negative on bottom. it runs the positive straight across all 5 capacitors and to the discharge out.

on the negative, I've got switches for each one. this way as projects change i can use 1 capacitor or 5 and just switch them on and off as needed.

at the end of the capacitor there is a switch operated discharge switch to safely discharge ALL capacitors, not just switched on capacitors.

at the end with the output terminals i have another safety feature where each terminal can be turned on and off, again for safety.

again sorry for the horrible schematic but its a visual =D

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