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can i make an adapter from ta4f to 3.5mm jack?

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Hi all

Firstly just joined this site so would like to say hello to everyone,

This is my problem- i own an aeromic which has a ta4f connector on it, i would like to make an adapter so i can also use it in a receiver which has a 3.5mm stereo jack connector. Does anybody know how i could go about this?

Thanks for a ny help



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It's a ceramic type mic. You cannot connect it to dynamic mic inputs. But I think you can use it as a computer headset mic just by replacing the ta4f connector using a 3.5mm stereo connector. Not sure.


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The TA4F connector is a miniature XLR connecter made by Switchcraft. If you go to Mouser Electronics - Electronic Component Distributor and enter the TA4F in search it will take to a listing. What you want is the TA4M to mate with it. With a TA4M and a 3.5mm female jack you would have to make your own. I am not aware of any commercially available adapters.
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