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Calculate capacitors for supply voltage to half bridge

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hi all would anyone provide me with the equation I should be using to calculate the capacitor values for C1 and C2 in the diagram attached they’re for the voltage supplies for this half bridge. I believe this will also include the switching frequency I have seen several sources with suggestions of values but no calculations to give a rough value. Would really appreciate a hand in this.

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those caps are there to stabilize the supply voltage at the transistor drains. depending on circuit board trace lengths, the values of the capacitors in the power supply, the load impedance of the half-bridge, the switching frequency, etc... the suggestions for what values to use are probably good choices. it's like choosing a filter capacitor for a power supply, there's a lot of "fudge factor", meaning a wide range of values that will work well. somewhere, i'm sure, there is probably a formula somebody has worked out for the optimum choice of what value capacitors to use, but the choice of values isn't critical.
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