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CAD software recommendation

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I used Eagle and Orcad so far.

I want your recomendation for a software that makes the layout update very easy, when changing footprints for a few components, without starting from scratch with a netlist and re-routing the complete board.

Many times I have a finished layout and I need to change for example a single transistor/IC footprint, the rest of the board being unchanged. Can this be done easier? (I would prefer modifying the schematic, not only changing footprint and backannotating).



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Why do you need to start over from scratch.

I know in Eagle you can remove the components from the schematic and it does not destroy the rest of the board layout.

There is even a change package and change technology that sometimes works to change the package in place. Depends on who make the packages.



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I agree with 3v0. In Eagle there is no need to alter the board and backannotate for most things; just swap it out in the schematic, go back to the board, clean up your airwires, ratsnest, and check.

I have my issues with Eagle but this isn't one of them--it does this sort of thing well enough.

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