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Boost Converter Module Question

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I am working through a design that will have a pair MC33172 opamps powered by 0 and 35V from a Boost Converter (https://www.allelectronics.com/item/udc-3/step-up-voltage-converter/1.html). I was checking current loads and realized the only thing connected to the boost converter will be the opamps and they only draw 300uA each. Will the 600uA load keep the XL6009 based boost converter stable (for lack of a better word)? Or do I need to look at adding a sacrificial load.


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You'll probably need a minimum load. The lighter the load, the shorter the pulse width, until it is too short for the rest of the electronics to handle. Start with 10% of the full rated output current.

I love All Electronics from back in the day, but when they resell modules from ebay their prices are pretty high and they charge shipping. You have the part in less than a week, but you're paying 5x - 10x.

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