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Bluetooth relay

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Hi all.

I am looking for a way of simply operating a relay when a my phone is detected via bluetooth in range.

Actually a any on eof a couple of phones but atleat 1, mine.

All I want to do is the relay or open collector type output to change state when I am there, and when I am away be in the opposite stae.

Has anyone seen a single relay version of something like this?



simply - depends on your definition of simplicity

you can have a computer acting as BT "end" for the phone and controlling different stuff

or you can use some micro controller with some BT 2 seral adapter (SENA makes them, for e.g. ESD110) ... you then program your uc to scan for available devices and when it recognises your BT device (phone) by it's MAC address - your uC do whatever you want it to do (beep, speak, turn lights on/off, control relay, shut down the alarm ..)

In general, a simple 1$ PIC (any one with serial port) will do the job + some BT module and some programming (not much)... problem is, BT modules will set you back some 50-100$, not sure you planned for that when you wrote "simple"


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Thanks. Yeah I was thinking of doing that and went in search of a BT module. I have seen the completed units (bluetooth relays) for sale in lots of 8 relays etc but was overkill for what I needed. I use Mikropascal to put my pics together so will most likely take that approach.

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