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Best audio amplifier for a 7.1 audio amplifier


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Im looking into designing a 7.1 audio amplifier, and i was wondering what the best budget vs quality audio amplifier IC would be. I'm looking for around about 30w of power and I plan to use seperate ICs for each stereo group unless there is a specific 7.1 ic that fits this purpose.


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You have to consider that a group of stereo, or seperate, amplifiers, is still just a group of separate amplifiers.

If it's for such a PC that has multiple separate signals for a multi-channel amp, fair enough - but if you want it for any other kind of "surround sound" system such as feeding it with Dolby Digital , AC3, DTS, Pro-logic etc., it will not do anything useful.

For anything like that you are far better off buying a secondhand home theatre amp, that has all the surround decode capability already built in.
eg. The Sony STR-DA2400ES is one of the best 7.1 amps in its class and you can often get them very cheaply on ebay as the video part only supports 1080, not 4K - which is irrelevant for audio use! They have many facilities which would be technically or financially impractical in a DIY system of similar overall price.

For amp ICs, the TDA7293 looks reasonable. You can also buy stereo modules using those on ebay.

(They are rather more than 30W, but running them at lower powers reduces heat dissipation and improves quality).

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