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audio amplifier

  1. A

    Best audio amplifier for a 7.1 audio amplifier

    Hi, Im looking into designing a 7.1 audio amplifier, and i was wondering what the best budget vs quality audio amplifier IC would be. I'm looking for around about 30w of power and I plan to use seperate ICs for each stereo group unless there is a specific 7.1 ic that fits this purpose. TIA.
  2. sr13579

    How to connect this audio amplifier bluetooth receiver with switches?

    Hello guys! I found this board with 25W + 25W audio output and I found that this thing has a switch controller for music and volume. But I couldn't find how to solder them. Is there anyone who used this board? Could you please help me with a diagram?
  3. sr13579

    How to use a TDA7052 IC properly?

    After a massive crash on LM386 I moved on to TDA7052. This is a very good IC so far. I want to make sound boxes and sell them. That is why I want to know more info than datasheet if available. I have some questions though: 1. How to secure the connection to reduce noise? 2. How to protect the IC...
  4. learning

    SMPS Power Supply for LA 4440 IC

    Are this Chinese made SMPS power supply compatible with LA 4440 IC? I mean that can I use it for any audio amplifier or Bluetooth mp3 FM module? Please tell me! If I can use it, then please tell me how I can do it?

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