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Been while since I've been around here, what's up?


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Title sums it up pretty much, forgot this place for many reasons, well, at least I think for many reasons; couple computer re-installs, taking break from electronics, getting new hobbies (gotta mention unicycling which I took as sport to balance occasional brain storming). I'm still studying in local univercity of applied sciences as an electrical engineer, 3 of 4 years now. Still passionate of the usual stuff in electronics field, like automation, analog/digital. Right, guess I'm just trying to get back in this gold mine of knowledge and good talk.


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Congratulations on the unicycling - a friend of mine built one (many years ago) - but we were never very good on it, although it probably didn't help that we used to try in the pub! :D
I always assumed I wasn't good at it because I always attempted it while sober.
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I'm another not been around in a while, but the Unicycling I did 25 miles one day with a friend of mine. Not a good idea, the boys don't like the constant pressure and if you hollo out the middle of the seat the pressure is on both major arteries to the legs, the only way to do it is cut the front of the seat off allowing the butt only to fit in a soft padded seat. We got off and on allowing blood flow. Welcome back fezder even though I'm not really here :meh:

I'm just bored, thought I would look at the flat earth Thread, so funny but no more <sar> posts to enjoy. Happy New Year to all.

I'm still a member.


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