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Battery Management System

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Hi, everyone!

I am student and new to Battery Management System. I am interesting in Control Theory, so, that's why I choose BMS to make my graduation work. I found lectures of Dr.Gregory L.Plett to start.

Unfortunately, I really can not understand and found answer for my question on the Internet: what is the relation between two important parameters: State-of-Charge and Open-Circuit-Voltage. I only understand that SoC is the concentration estimation of lithium in the battery, and OCV is is the maximum voltage available from a battery, this occurs at zero current.

Dr.Gregory L.Plett give the MATLAB-code in his lectures, where he computed the fully rested open-circuit voltage for a particular state of charge and temperature point. What did he mean? Interpolation? If if is true, how this two parameters correlate with each other?


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Or read the lithium battery related items at powerstream.


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Hi Fedroska do you have news ? I'm also very interested to BMS for HEV environment, in particular to dual estimitation for SOC e parameters. If you have news write me. Thanks
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